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VORSICHT!!! Mein Kunde hält mich nun für saudämlich, weil Strato nichts auf die Kette bekommt! Denn NICHTS funktioniert hier. GAR NICHTS! Weder die SMS Validierung, noch die Datenbank, noch der Server, noch der Support. Alles ein riesiger Betrug! Leider erreicht man NIEMANDEN beim Support, und nach unendlich viel Geld und 15min. Warten, wird einfach das Telefonat beendet. JEDES MAL! ES FUNKTIONIERT GAR NICHTS!


( Marko Hoffmann )


Vibrant Sunset (Montreal)

I am not a winter person; I do not like the cold. Winter landscapes only excite me for a short period of time because they tend to be extremely monotonal. It is not … Read moreVibrant Sunset (Montreal)

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Lonely Planet talks to… sustainable chef Kamilla Seidler

From humble beginnings, Denmark-born Kamilla Seidler has rocketed to the elite ranks of the food world, landing the role of head chef at renowned La Paz restaurant Gustu – where her skills earned her the title of Latin America’s Best Female Chef in 2016 – and championing gender equality in the industry as co-initiator of30

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Translucent Icy Panorama (Montreal)

It was the middle of December before the official start of winter in Eastern Canada. The temperature unexpectedly dropped below -20°C, which is uncommon for this time of year. Then, we had extremely … Read moreTranslucent Icy Panorama (Montreal)

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Pathfinder spotlight: Kalyan Panja, Travtasy

Off-the-beaten-track explorer Kalyan Panja © Kalyan Panja This month we caught up with Pathfinder Kalyan Panja who blogs at Travtasy. Kalyan is an avid traveller and photographer who is always on the lookout for unusual and off-the-beaten-track destinations. Give us the low down on your blog… Travtasy is a space to share travel experiences with30

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Pathfinder pics: the unusual sports of Kyrgyzstan’s World Nomad Games

The skill and accuracy of the nomadic horseback archers © Richard Collett Lonely Planet Pathfinder, Richard Collett of Travel Tramp, recently returned from a whirlwind trip through wild and beautiful Kyrgyzstan, one of our Best in Travel countries to visit in 2019. In between wending his way across rolling pastures and gawking at dramatic landscapes,30

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Travel quiz: February edition

What type of butterfly migrates to Mexico each winter? Find out in our quiz © JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock Do you know which country is home to the Hill of Crosses? Or the city where Aussie soap Neighbours is set? Test your knowledge of travel trivia with the February edition of our monthly travel quiz, based30

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